Company Profile

The Austro-Hungarian Revital Property Development Inc., founded in 1986, is one of the First joint ventures in the estate development industry in Hungary.

The company's main activity is based on investments carried out at its own risk that covers the entire property development process from determining goals through design, construction and sale to management of the property. Through the projects completed over the last 15 years, Revital Inc. has become a significant player in the Hungarian real estate market and is one of those few companies that have gained considerable experience in comprehensive real estate development.

In addition to its own investments and based on the experience gained, the company has completed numerous projects as the main contractor. The clients of Revital Inc. include Hungarian and foreign banks, insurance companies, municipalities, ministries, multinational and local companies.

Among the completed projects are office buildings, shopping centers, hotels and apartman buildings.

The company's work is characterised by a high level of technological reparednes, well-trained staff, reliability and keeping all agreed upon deadlines. These altogether form the basis of its success and reputation. Revital's ownership background provides the company with financial stability and supports it with international network.

Ownership background

Since its foundation in 1986 the owners of Revital Inc. has been providing a stable background to the company. It has been owned by WARIMPEX Finanz- und Beteiligungs A.G. (Austria).

Thanks to the Austrian owner, WARIMPEX Finanz- und Beteiligungs A.G., the company - as part of the Warimpex Group - enjoys the benefits of the international network of this holding which has been present in Central-European countries for several decades.

Activities of Revital Inc.

The company's main activity is property development that is carried out at its own risk, by its own experts. Main tasks: determination of development goals, preparation of feasibility studies, designing, organizing of finances, constructing, selling, leasing, and managing of buildings.

Revital's experience, gained from its own investments is utilized in meeting the requirements of its clients in the following areas: main contracting, comprehensive project controlling, appraisal, building management and consulting in project development.


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