Budapest II., 26. Lajos Street
Topographical plot number: 14796

Location of the building

The office building was completed on the 1st September 1999 and since then has been fully occupied. The property is located in Buda, in the southern part of the planned “Óbuda-Újlak” pedestrian centre, on the plot bordered by 26 Lajos Street, 4 Sajka Street and 25 Bécsi Road. A new city centre for Middle Buda is going to be developed here, between Zsigmond Square and the old roman Amphitheatre. The eastern part of the 1040 sqm plot is bordered by Lajos Street, an important traffic road, while Bécsi Road borders the western part.

A good access is ensured partly by bus service No. 6, 60 and 86 along Lajos Street and partly by tram service No. 17 on Bécsi Road.

Introduction of the building

The office building consists of two physically and technically completely separated, independent wings, two shops and a deep garage. The Lajos Street office wing with a total floor area of 1285 sqm is functioning as an independent building, with own reception, elevator, staircase, engineering and electrical system. The office complex owned by Bécsinvestor Ltd. is situated in the office building’s Lajos Street wing, at the mezzanine, the 1st and 2nd floor.

The office complex offered for sale can be entered at the Lajos Street- Sajka Street corner, leading to the reception on the ground floor. The deep garage is accessible through the Sajka Street ramp with card entry system.

The Lajos Street office wing’s attic, the 3rd floor office space and 6 parking places were bought and are used by AKA Inc.

The Bécsi Road office wing with its shop was bought by Carion Inc. They have also received the exclusive right to use part of the inner courtyard that is connected to the wing they own.

On the ground floor of Lajos Street wing with a separate entrance from the street, an office furniture shop is operating, which has an independent mechanical system from the office wing.

Area specification

Floor area of the building part for sale, owned by Bécsinvestor Ltd.:


151 sqm

Floor 1

233 sqm

Floor 2

231 sqm

Total Floor Area

 615 sqm

The office area is supplemented by the communal areas´ proportional ownership right (reception, stairway, lift and engineering rooms):

Proportional floor area 78 sqm
Total office floor area: 693 sqm

The office block includes a storage room of 20.33 sqm and another one of 15.33 sqm area in the basement and 10 parking places in the deep garage.

We can sell any separated floors, too. For further informations please contact us.

Technical information

The foundation of the building is made of founding pillars bearing a monolithic reinforced concrete structure. The external walls are made of YTONG brick. The windows and doors are made of thermally insulated aluminium without thermal bridge. The internal walls are made of 10 cm thick Porotherm partition wall sheets. In the reception area the floor is covered with granite, in the passages and in the bathrooms with ceramic tiles and in the office rooms with wall-to-wall carpet. In the toilettes and kitchens there is a ceramic tile-cover up to the ceiling.

In the passages and offices there are Donn type suspended ceilings.

The internal doors have a steel frame. The building has a heating/cooling ventilation according to the characteristic and function of the premises and their requirements. The toilets are provided with ceramic equipments, the appliances are of good quality, state-of-the-art appliances, type Kludi. The mechanical engineering rooms are located in the mansard. The kitchens are provided with fan.

The building is supplied with power by a 380/220 V 50 Hz transformer station installed on the garage level.

The electric switching room is located on the garage level, it is equipped with meters. In the offices the employees can work with computers at natural light. The offices have lamp fixtures with fluorescent lamps and dazzle-protective grids.

Lighting of the various premises:


400-500 Lux


250 Lux

Servicing rooms

100 Lux

Mechanical areas

150 Lux

Cabling is structured in the building. An AT and T Systimax cabling ensures computer and telephone connection to the system in the whole building. The building has its own TV network with a parabolic aerial.

Fire protection is ensured by an intelligent electronic fire signalling system of individual dispatch. The traffic of the garage is controlled and monitored by an individual controlling and monitoring system.

All data in this brochure reflect the situation as it was valid in February, 2017.
Revital Inc. reserves all rights of modification.